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Grow the Libertarian Party of Ohio

Grow the LP


What is Outreach?  Well it's something that every one of us can do!  Encourage people who want to learn more about libertarianism to become supporting members of the Libertarian Party of Ohio.  The growth of the party must begin at the grass roots level.  Here are some ideas of how you can help with outreach efforts:

"Ask" people to join!

One of the main reasons people have not yet joined the Libertarian Party, is that we haven't asked them. They don't have to be Libertarians to be "Supporting" members. Make a pledge to yourself to ask 1 person a week to join the LP. They get regular newsletters and it is a great way to stay in touch with us. Just Do it, Just ask. Send them to http://www.lpo.org/about.html.

Run for a political office

Get involved in your communities. Attend community meetings. Get to know your constituents. Start Fundraising. You can win!

Reach out to "Common Thread" Organizations

It's easier to communicate libertarian ideas to people who may be inclined towards them already. Find a common thread in an organization and reach out. Go here ( http://www.lpo.org/web-links/50-inst-orgs.html ) for a list of Institutions & Organizations that support the libertarian message.

Recycle your liberty newsletters and magazines...

Don't throw away those Libertarian newsletters and brochures; after reading them leave them at your doctor's office, laundry mat, dentist.... you get the picture.
Below are some examples of what we have put together for Outreach booths:

Ohio State Fair 2010 

Ohio State Fair 2010 

 2010 ohio state fair set-up day kjk 07-27-10 2010 ohio state fair   bob bridges 07-28-10 


 Delaware County Fair 2007

Delaware County Fair 2006

click to enlarge click to enlarge



Warren County Fair 2012

Comfest in Columbus 2011 

Warren County Fair 2012  Comfest 2011 


Wood County Fair 2009 

Wood County Outreach Event 

 Wood County Fair 2009 Wood County Outreach 

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