For Ohio Attorney General

Steven R Linnabary

Steven R. Linnabary is the Libertarian candidate for Ohio attorney general. A longtime community activist, Linnabary earns a living as a project representative for Resource International, an Ohio civil engineering firm.

Linnabary's concern for the preservation of civil liberties has led to political involvement at the national, state, and local levels. He has served as chair and vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio as well as serving on its central committee. Linnabary also serves as an alternate on the Libertarian National Committee.

A Columbus resident, Linnabary, 59, grew up in central Ohio, attended Walnut Ridge High School, and studied land surveying at the University of Kentucky and later public works construction engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

In 1979 he helped organize, and later served as board president of, the Ark House, a community for the developmentally disabled that operated for its first eight years with no government funding. He has served on several other boards of directors, including the Community Family Health Center which included the local free clinic.

Linnabary also helped found the St John's Community Kitchen, a privately funded free lunch program, and the Friends of the Homeless, a local homeless shelter. He has been recognized multiple times for his work in favor of the homeless and the poor, including an award of recognition from the Disabled American Veterans in 1973.