Nate Rockwell

Nate Rockwell is an Ashtabula resident of 14 years.  He is a start-up entrepreneur of over six businesses, father of four, an extremely active civic participant, community leader, and philanthropist.  He has been involved as an advocate and activist for libertarianism since 2012.

In Nate’s professional life, he is currently the president and CFO of three of his four businesses.  He has a strong understanding of budgets, accounting concepts, fiscal review, and management.  Nate’s leadership role includes cultural development, driving mission, vision, and purpose statements of several organizations, and the personal development of all key people and managers.

Nate’s involvement in his community involves serving on community and economic development boards, pioneering a private-market affordable housing initiative, and serving as the key person for a code ordinance initiative to get the local government out of people’s back yards in terms of personal food production.

Nate is currently serving as the chairman of the 2018 Ohio Libertarian Party’s Platform Committee for the upcoming state convention.

Nate and his wife Elisabeth are activists for parental school choice and home school their 4 children. After having three home births, they are also strong advocates of medical freedom.

In Nate’s spare time, he enjoys hunting, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and horticulture.  This year, he and his daughters began a small maple farm, where he hopes to teach his daughters the value of a dollar, the integrity of hard work, and to begin laying the foundations of personal responsibility.

As a Central Committee member, Nate will work with Joe Loyd (North Coast Regional Liaison) to expand the reach and effectiveness of the 14th Congressional District of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, and will welcome the input and participation of all Libertarian Party of Ohio members.  He will execute his duties prescribed under the Party constitution to assure reasonable and fair compensation of staff and officers of the party, and will regard any charge to participate in financial audits with a high degree of fiduciary responsibility.  He will also continue to spread a positive message of liberty through word-of-mouth and through acts and deeds that bring positive attention to the Party and the message of our movement.