Leadership Role – LPO Divisions

There are currently five (5) operational divisions of the LPO Executive Committee which has the power to add divisions where they make sense. The Directors and Deputy Directors coordinate the day to day operations of their respective divisions and work synergistically with other directors to advance common objectives. While often members of the Executive and Central Committee, Directors don’t have to and in fact, don’t even need to be recognized members of the party.  One or more Deputy Directors are encouraged for all the divisions. Directors and Deputies are non-voting members of the Executive Committee. While they are expected to attend Executive Committee meetings, such attendance can be virtual.

Directors are tasked to delegate, to our committed volunteers, the tasks and roles of the division and Party based on a well communicated and understood appreciation for the amount of time and resources any volunteer has to offer the cause. The more resources we have at every level makes us a stronger organization.

Political Division

The Political Division is focused on recruiting statewide candidates and acting as a legislative watchdog. Ultimately, the Political Division supports local candidates as best as they can where no county party or organization exists. They will also support the Libertarian Party's presidential nominees. Lobbying, writing and reviewing legislation and issues. Fighting for fair elections and ballot access are a major focus and priority considering the current political corruption in Ohio.

Leadership Positions: Director and Deputy Directors

Other Positions or Special Projects:

Legislative Liaison


Campaign Mgmt. Training

Candidate Recruitment

Candidate Training

Local Candidate Support


Judicial Candidate Support

Candidate/Campaign support

Local Options:  Every region and County has similar needs to the state party.  Local legislative watchdog groups can be our most effective and direct way to impact our own communities. Ohio is filled with Counsel and Board meetings where money is spent with little or no resistance from a faction questioning it.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is focused on generating the LPO's financial resources through donations, gifts and monthly pledges from members and contributors. They are also responsible for fundraising events and promotions and available to advise LPO county affiliates and LPO candidates on finance issues. While most of our fundraising activity is voluntary, this is the one division where commission based compensation is will be considered for experienced professional fundraisers.

Leadership Positions: Director and Deputy Directors

Other Positions or Special Projects:

Major Donor Relations

Corp/Group Relations

Membership Support

Local Options:  While fundraising is a critical role in an Affiliate, fundraising through most counties, via County Development Groups.

Communications Division

The Communications Division ties the organization together by coordinating all LPO communications including content management for the website, social media, press releases, promoting events and fundraising, LPO statewide email announcements and notices, routine inquiries and media contacts.

Leadership Positions:

Director and Deputy Directors - The Director and Deputies are responsible, though delegation when possible, for the development and maintenance of strong communications channels across the organization and membership.  They must have strong interpersonal skills as they, more than any other division, must develop cooperation across the entire leadership team.

Social Media Coordinators -  The Social Media coordinators are responsible for building and maintaining a strong communications channel with members and prospective Party members.  This position requires a consistent obligation and really is ideal for teamwork as it’s like milking cows - in never stops and you never get a break! We could also use help developing alternatives to Facebook.

Events Coordinator - The Libertarian Party of Ohio is searching for Events Coordinators to help with organizing events across the state. Events Coordinators are responsible for identifying opportunities and recruiting from our volunteer army to run and staff the events.

Other Positions or Special Projects:

Position/Issues Papers

Web & Blog Contributions

Press Releases

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Coordinators

Twitter Coordinator

Graphic Design

Meme Creation

Member Newsletters

Local Options: Every County has a need for Social Media coordinator and communicator to keep the local community informed and involved.

Field Division

Field Development is focused on the creation and support of LPO county Affiliates and County Development Groups, promoting the growth of present and future LPO members. Our goal, though the support of local Groups, is to run as many LPO candidates and defend liberty on as many local issues as possible. Of course, we also represent the grass-roots support of Libertarian state and national campaigns. We strive to connect with all fellow Libertarians through community outreach, petitioning, campaigning, speaking engagements as well as local social events to connect and develop a positive image of Libertarian approaches to the public issues.

Leadership Positions

Director & Deputy Director – The Director and Deputies are responsible, though delegation when possible, for responding to new members and volunteers to introduce them to the party, our principles and try to match the interests and availability of each supporter to our organizational needs. From automated responses to active recruiting, the Director and Deputies are charged with organizing and leading the grassroots movement.

Regional Liaisons - Regional Liaisons manage one of the nine regions in the state. Their goal is go help develop local county groups (Affiliates and County Development Groups) and encouraging cooperation across the region.  Opportunities are currently available in the North, Northeast, West, Central and East Region.

Special Liaisons - Special Liaisons target specialized outreach groups such as veterans and student groups.

Local Options:

County Development Groups (CDGs) – The County Development Group is the cornerstone of our grassroots support.  The CDG was developed in recognition that not all Counties yet have enough interest to for an Affiliate like the major parties have. Instead, the CDG is an extension of the LPO who handles filings and finance reporting.  This provides local activists with more flexibility in getting organized without worrying about the details and organizational requirements of a full Affiliate. All that is needed to start up a County group is one person to step up as the County Development Coordinator. Each of these groups should share responsibilities and institutional knowledge and organize in a similar fashion to the type of controlling committee required to eventually become an Affiliate.

Point People - Field is responsible for welcoming new volunteers into the Party and help them find the right niche to settle into.  It is critical that a local contact is established for all our members and volunteers. Our County Groups and Affiliates assign a contact person for new members and volunteers in their area. If a County has no contact we hope the Central Committee member will fill in until the seat can be filled or recruited from new volunteers.

Affiliates – The ultimate goal of the Field Division is to establish County Affiliates.  Once a County organization can seat a half dozen or so committee members, the Field Division will help guide the group through the filing processes to become an independent Political Party representing the County.

Phone/Facebook Banking - Reach out to fellow Libertarians by phone or using social media. It’s proven a great way to keep members informed, motivate our volunteers and support various initiatives.

IT Division

The Information Technology Division is focused on the LPO's technological infrastructure, maintenance of the party's website, security of its data, and support for all online communication functions.  Helpful knowledge includes NationBuilder (it manages our Contact Management, donation tracking, and the lpo.org website), database manipulation, infrastructure configuration and maintenance,

Leadership Positions: Director and Deputy Directors

Other Positions or Special Projects:

Internal Infrastructure

Website Maintenance

NationbuilderTM Support

End User Support

eMail Management

BasecampTM Support

Database Administration