Join the Central Committee

As an all-volunteer organization, the LPO is constantly in need of those willing to help build the organization. We are appreciative of the efforts and contributions of all those sharing their time and talents to advance our cause. We encourage each volunteer to carefully balance their party involvement with the commitments of their personal lives. We hope this summary helps set the right expectations for Central Committee members. The Field Development Division can provide more details about any position.

LPO Central Committee

The Central Committee acts much like a board of directors in a corporation in that it represents the interests of their voters and elects and oversees the Executive Committee, which manages the day to day operations of the Party.


The Central Committee is required to meet in Columbus at least twice a year (usually quarterly), and must check emails and party communications at least weekly for upcoming meetings and interim electronic voting as needed. While the direct voting responsibilities aren’t very demanding outside of the travel, volunteer involvement in the various subcommittees or Executive Committee roles might involve a couple hours a month or week depending on the project, functions and duration. Central Committee members are also responsible for organizing private Primary elections if ballot access is denied. While not required, Central Committee members are expected be active in their local counties and act as a point person and help find and recruit local leaders.

How to get involved

The Central Committee of the LPO is comprised of two people from each of Ohio's 16 Federal Congressional districts which can several Ohio Counties. Central Committee members are elected in even numbered years as part of Ohio's primary. When we are not recognized as a minor party by the state, the Central Committee members will organize those elections. Nominations must be submitted to the LPO Central Committee Secretary 45 days before the election and communicated to the district 30 days prior to the election.

Vacant seats can also be filled by a majority vote of the Central Committee at any meeting. Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter at least a week prior to a Central Committee meeting for consideration.

To identify if a seat is open for any address compare the congressional district to the current list of Central Committee members.


  1. A member must be a resident of the District they represent and the seat must be immediately relinquished if residency is changed to a location outside the district during the term.
  2. As with any Party Member, must affirm the Party Pledge: "I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."
  3. A committee member must be registered as a Libertarian, or when ballot access is denied, an “issues only” ballot must have been used during the last primary (voting for another party during a primary election registers a voter to that party under Ohio law).

Expectations and Responsibilities of Central Committee Members

  1. Only members who live in the District shall be eligible to be Central Committee members for that District. Moving away from a district surrenders the seat based on Ohio law.
  2. The Central Committee usually meets (with a two week notice except for emergencies) three to four times (a minimum of 2) a year in Ohio (usually, Columbus). Attendance is expected at all meetings.  Any Central Committee member who does not participate in two out of three consecutive meetings, without an excused absence, shall be considered to have abdicated their seat.
  3. Central Committee members are expected to check into our online forum and access their party email accounts at least once a week to conduct any necessary business between formal meetings.
  4. Members of the Central Committee are responsible for updating their contact information, including, but not limited to, their residence,  mailing address, phone, profile picture and personal email address (an lpo email account will be setup for Party business), with the Chair and Secretary of the Central Committee.
  5. While the meeting and voting responsibilities as a Central Committee member aren’t very time consuming, it is desirable that Central Committee members be actively involved in the counties and regions within their district.
  6. Central Committee members may also be called on to participate in subcommittees, special projects and events,  or be elected to leadership roles on the Central or Executive Committee.

For additional details see the LPO Constitution and Bylaws.