Dan Faust

Dan_Faust_110.jpgGreetings! My name is Dan Faust, and I am currently running for a seat as a Central Committee representative for the 5th district. I have been active with the Libertarian Party of Ohio since the early fall of 2017. I currently serve as the Regional Representative for Northwest Ohio, supporting 9 counties in starting, running, and maintaining their county development groups. I am a 16 year paramedic, who also serves as a volunteer firefighter. I have 3 children, and strongly feel that the only way to guarantee a reasonable future for them is through Libertarian ideals. I am doing my part to make this happen on the local and state level, and supporting national candidates as well. I hope to help grow and expand the LPO, and bring about the Liberty that we need, and want in our state. If any more evidence is needed that less government, more personal freedom, and decreased reliance on the state is past due, one needs only look to our own governor's comments and actions, as well as those of Congress and POTUS. My goal is to help spread the message in a tolerant, thoughtful, engaging manner in hopes of helping others understand and realize what the Libertarian movement is all about. Vitriol and angry screeching may get attention, but it is usually of the negative variety that causes those without our levels of dedication and understanding to tune out. I do not support making the LPO either more conservative nor liberal, but helping those that identify with those labels to see where we align, and why those points that they do not agree with make the most sense for their ability to live their lives as they wish. Thank you for considering me for the CD 5 seat, and Liberty On!