Cory Combs

I am twenty years old and I currently reside in Milford, OH where I have lived for fourteen years. I am a sophomore Computer Science student at Miami University in Oxford. I am also currently running for Clermont County Auditor in the 2018 election. I have had a passion for politics and public administration ever since I was first exposed to governmental theory in high school. I became a Libertarian (after being a Republican for many years) after I became disillusioned with the efforts of Republican politicians’ endless attempts to profit from wars and impose their own religious and social views on Americans. I joined the Libertarian party earlier this year, and I have loved every opportunity I have been given and everyone I have met.  I am currently working on founding the Miami University College Libertarians club, I own my own 3D printing business, and I have worked extensively with a local Cincinnati social media startup in the role of Social Media Coordinator. Up until this semester, I was also a manager at Graeter’s Ice Cream for two years. After graduating in 2020, I plan to continue working to advance the Libertarian cause and I aim to become an internet security professional.