Executive Committee

The LPO Executive Committee sets the course for the party, along with the appointed Division Directors who also handle the day to day operations. Together, they will also establish a budget for the party. The seven (7) members of the LPO Executive Committee are elected by the LPO Central Committee.

 Voting Members:

Harold ThomasHarold Thomas, Chair (614) 581-6832  

Dustin_Nanna_110.jpgDustin Nanna, Vice Chair (740) 816-9805 

 Linda Comstock, Treasurer (740) 972-1031

LPOLogoJon Mohler, Secretary (937) 371-8674

Cory CombsCory Combs, At-Large (513) 746-5507 

LPOLogoHelen Gilson, At-Large (513) 404-9750

LPOLogo Joseph Langenbrunner At-Large (513) 638-0509

LPOLogo Homer Taft At-Large (440) 333-1333

LPOLogo Kristen Wichers At-Large (614) 984-4515


LPO Central Committee

The Central Committee consists of two (2) members from each Congressional District. Four (4) of the members are elected as the Central Committee officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer).  The Central Committee is similar to a corporation's board of directors and elects the Executive Committee (Officers in the corporate world) who are responsible for day to day operations of the Party.

Organizationally, the Central (or Controlling) Committee is a requirement of any Political Party.  It's organization is codified and available to the public in the LPO Constitution and Bylaws as well as the Ohio Revised Code (3517.023517.033517.04 and 3517.05).

Click here to learn about how you can become a member of the Central Committee. 

Central Committee Members

scott_pettigrew_110.jpgDistrict 1 - Seat A: Scott Pettigrew (Vice Chair)

LPOLogoDistrict 1 - Seat B: Jon Mohler

 Cory CombsDistrict 2 - Seat A: Cory Combs 

 LPOLogoDistrict 2 - Seat B: Joseph Langenbrunner

 Harold_Thomas_110.pngDistrict 3 - Seat A: Harold Thomas 

 Chad HarrisDistrict 3 - Seat B: Chad Harris

LPOLogoDistrict 4 - Seat A: W. Daniel Fichtel

 Christina HollowayDistrict 4 - Seat B: Christina Holloway

 LPOLogoDistrict 5 - Seat A: Daniel Faust

 Don KissickDistrict 5 - Seat B: Don Kissick (Chair)

 LPOLogoDistrict 6 - Seat A: Jason Coblentz 

District 6 - Seat B: Open

 LPOLogoDistrict 7 - Seat A: Patrick Glasgow 

Robert_Leist_110.pngDistrict 7 - Seat B: Robert Leist

LPOLogoDistrict 8 - Seat A: Helen Gilson

 Trishanda BarhorstDistrict 8 - Seat B: Trishanda Barhorst

 Derek StrelowDistrict 9 - Seat A: Derek Strelow (Secretary) 

LPOLogoDistrict 9 - Seat B: Homer Taft

LPOLogoDistrict 10 - Seat A: Michael Monaghan 

LPOLogoDistrict 10 - Seat B: Jeff Zweber 

 District 11 - Seat A: Open

 District 11 - Seat B: Open

 District 12 - Seat A: Linda Comstock 

 Dustin_Nanna_110.jpgDistrict 12 - Seat B: Dustin Nanna

 john_fockler_110.jpgDistrict 13 - Seat A: John Fockler (Treasurer)

LPOLogoDistrict 13 - Seat B: Michael Fricke

LPOLogoDistrict 14 - Seat A: Joe Lloyd

 District 14 - Seat B: David Macko

  LPOLogo  District 15 - Seat A: Kristen Wichers

LPOLogo District 15 - Seat B: Brandon Wichers

LPOLogoDistrict 16 - Seat A: Elizabeth Thomas 

LPOLogoDistrict 16 - Seat B: John Hamm