Libertarian Party of Ohio Mission Statement

Our mission is to defend the freedom and increase the liberty of all Ohioans. We will do this by recruiting Libertarian candidates for public office, educating the public about our principles, growing the membership, and winning elections.

About the Libertarian Party of Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) is a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party which is the third largest political party in the nation, and is the only true alternative to the Republican and Democrat stranglehold on our economic freedom and individual liberty.

The LPO recognizes that you own your life, and that you are free to pursue happiness in your own way, with extremely limited interference from government.

The Libertarian Party of Ohio promotes and defends the following principles:

  •  Recognizing freedom of speech, religion, and association
  •  Demanding Constitutionally-limited government
  •  Ensuring minimal taxation and balanced budgets
  •  Defending property rights
  •  Asserting sovereignty of the State from unconstitutional federal interference
  •  Asserting sovereignty of the Republic from unconstitutional international interference
  •  Upholding the Second Amendment and the absolute right to self defense
  •  Promoting a true free market economy
  •  Defending personal privacy and the Fourth Amendment
  •  Promoting strong national defense through a Constitutional foreign policy
  •  Ending government corruption
  •  Ensuring no individual, corporation or government is above the rule of law
  •  Ending prohibitions on all personal activities that do not infringe upon the rights of others.
The LPO has new leadership, a bold vision, and a renewed determination to achieve these goals. All we need now is you!

Become a part of the Libertarian revolution and join the Libertarian Party of Ohio today. There are many ways is which you can show your support.

  • Support your local Libertarian candidates.
  • Run for political office.
  • Invest your time supporting ideas and actions that promote liberty.
  • Donate to the party.  

With your help, the Libertarian Party of Ohio can continue working toward a future that would make our Founding Fathers proud.