May 18, 19 & 20



If you would like to be a delegate at the LPO State Convention, you must commit to attending at least on Saturday May 19th and be a member of the party as outlined in the LPO Constitution and Bylaws.  Delegates are apportioned by County and priority based on member status/contribution and first come, first served. We expect to seat all who are interested, but it's a good idea to register early. The credentials committee will contact you if there are any issues with your status. 

Click here for more details on the event and to purchase tickets.

Delegate Expectations

We thank you for signing up to become a delegate to the 2018 LPO Convention. We’d like to take a moment to start to prepare you for your important role at Convention in shaping the Party’s future, and to summarize the opportunities and events of the Convention.

Pre-Meeting Petition Turn In

Come early for the Petition Turn in event! Join us as we carry AT LEAST 88 boxes of signed petitions into the offices of Secretary of State.  We expect press coverage and want as big a crowd as possible. It would be cool to have 88 people representing the 88 counties that have been denied a vote.   

Friday Night Fundraiser

Following a day of earning some free press, the Friday evening Fundraiser that will be a great chance to meet the LP National candidates that we will be voting on in New Orleans at the National Convention. Prices have been reduced on this Fundraiser.

Speakers and Educational Sessions

The Convention will be packed with great speakers and educational sessions, including LNC rep Caryn Ann Harlos, NY Governor candidate Larry Sharpe, Ohio Governor candidates, former Ohioan and campaign adviser Jess Mears, several LNC candidates including Joshua Smith, and many others. There will be intensive informational sessions on grassroots organizing and on issue messaging and content on Saturday. Sunday morning offers intensive training on campaigning, including messaging, fundraising, media (free, paid and social), and many other topics. Check for updates to the agenda and our Convention Event Page.

While still being finalized, there will be some great speakers and panels to help improve our messaging, marketing, and campaigning to reduce and restrict our government and its laws.  

The Candidates

While ballot access laws prevent us from “officially” naming our candidates, we have a record number of people wanting to run as Libertarians across the state. Many will be attending the Convention to garner support and gain knowledge on effective campaigning. We have multiple candidates for Governor and will be conducting a straw poll to guide the selection committee once nominations can be made in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.

Platform Committee Recommendations

The Central Committee also appointed a Platform Committee that will present their recommendation for an official 2018 LPO Platform. Click here to review their recommendations. 

Constitutional and Bylaw Amendments

Proposals for changes to the Party Constitution and Bylaws will be presented to the delegation.  In compliance with our Constitution (Article IX, Section 4), recommendations must be made public 30 days before the convention.  The Constitution and Bylaw Review Committee of the Central Committee has submitted this list of recommendations. Furthermore, recommendations can be put forth by any member with such advance notice.

In preparation for convention, we recommend that each delegate review and study the LPO Constitution and current Bylaws to understand the overall structure and guidelines.

Post Convention - Central Committee Meeting

For those running for Central Committee, the Organizational Meeting is Sunday at 12:30pm at the LPO Headquarters - a short trip from the Holiday Inn.

We will be providing updates once the Platform and Amendments become available on the Delegate page of the website and on Basecamp.

Planning & Reservations

Be sure to purchase your convention tickets by Sunday March 25th to take advantage of the early bird pricing. These tickets are pretty much at cost until then.  Also be sure to contact the Holiday Inn and book your room (Contact the Holiday Inn Worthington for reservations at (614) 436-0700 - ask for the LPO rate.). We expect them to sell out and hotel prices in the area will be much higher than our $99 rate.  A large concert is in town the same weekend.

Delegate Allocation

Delegates to the convention will include a broad list including incumbents, candidates, members of the Central and Executive Committees, County Chairs or Coordinators and up to 350 additional delegates. These additional delegates are allocated to each county based on the results of the last election when Libertarians had Party recognition.  The number of additional delegates by county can be found here.  Don’t be discouraged if it looks like your county doesn’t have enough seats, the Amendments Committee can, and intends, to introduce an immediate motion to allow additional delegates if needed - we want to include as many members as the law allows.


Do you confirm the Party pledge?

Party Pledge: “I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”