Program of Activities - 2018 LPO Convention: Tentative


Tentative Schedule

Friday, May 18, 2018



Welcome Reception & Fundraiser.

Get to know the candidates. Reception, Hors d'oeuvres and cash bar.  $50/person (not included in Convention Package)
  • Presentations from candidates for LNC Chair
  • Candidate Introductions for LNC Vice Chair. 
  • Candidate Introductions for Governor & Lt. Gov. of Ohio.
  • Introductions for other statewide candidates;
  • Introductions of Candidates for U.S. President 2020
10:00pm Hospitality Suite & Cash Bar Open

Saturday, May 19, 2018

6:30am Connections Café opens for cash breakfast
8:30am Registration Desk Opens

2018 LPO Convention Call to Order

9:45am State of the Party Report of the Executive Committee
10:15am Credentials Report
10:30am Presentation of Candidates for Governor of Ohio
11:30am Presentation of Amendments to the LPO Constitution & Bylaw changes (submissions must be received 30 days prior to the convention)
12:00pm Lunch - Opening of Straw Poll for Governor of Ohio
12:30pm Luncheon Keynote Speaker
1:30pm Delegate Action on LPO Constitution & Bylaw submissions
2:30pm Presentation by Platform Committee
3:00pm Convention Adornment & Break
3:15pm Seminar 1: Organizing at the Grassroots
4:15pm Closing of Straw Poll for Ohio Governor & Break
4:30pm Seminar 2: Purity and Impurity - Smart Messaging
5:30pm Adjourn
7:00pm Banquet - Headline Speaker, candidate introductions, straw poll results and awards ceremony.
9:00pm Hospitality Suite & Cash Bar Open

Sunday, May 20, 2018

6:30am Connections Café opens for cash breakfast
8:00am Registration Desk Opens
8:30am Seminar 3 - Candidate Skills
10:00am Seminar 4 -Campaign Skills with Jess Mears

2018 LPO Convention Adjourns

Post Conference Events - LPO Headquarters

? New LPO Office Tour
? Organization Meeting of the 2018 Central Committee
? Executive Committee Meeting

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