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The only chance my children and grandchildren have for a peaceful world is to have a just world. The country's institutions and standards are failing us all through government overreach into personal lives (foreign and domestic) and the lack of responsibility accepted by a people with shrinking pride and  personal authority. All freedom loving people must all stand up and be counted together as individuals.

The Duopoly of DeRp must be broken. The best way to invoke change is at the local grass roots level. I urge everyone to get involved with whatever time they can spare to help advance the cause of liberty.


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  • commented on Issue 1: Marsy's Law 2017-10-13 21:29:05 -0400
    The Current Ohio Constitution:

    “I.10a Rights of victims of crime
    Victims of criminal offenses shall be accorded fairness, dignity, and respect in the criminal justice process, and, as the general assembly shall define and provide by law, shall be accorded rights to reasonable and appropriate notice, information, access, and protection and to a meaningful role in the criminal justice process. This section does not confer upon any person a right to appeal or modify any decision in a criminal proceeding, does not abridge any other right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States or this constitution, and does not create any cause of action for compensation or damages against the state, any political subdivision of the state, any officer, employee, or agent of the state or of any political subdivision, or any officer of the court.

    (Adopted November 8, 1994)"
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  • commented on Voter Freedom Drive 2017-06-15 16:50:03 -0400
    When petitioning, take Voter Registration Cards. You can register them to vote and get a signature – just make sure the registration cards get submitted to the Board of Elections before the petitions are submitted.

    You can download them here:


    They can also do it on-line here:

  • commented on Preserve the right to grow your own food! 2017-10-08 16:59:27 -0400
    Eileen, if you are talking about Gary Harrington in Oregon, it’s a little more complicated than a guy with rain barrels on his downspouts. As I understand he was damming the river. But it certainly raises an interesting question about who owns natural resources and what right the government has to regulate it. I imagine you would even find Libertarians on both sides of that issue. I’d have to do research on the case law on this but considering eminent domain laws, I probably wouldn’t be happy.
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    Become a volunteer

    Thank you for your offer to volunteer with us! As a volunteer organization we appreciate how dear your time is and want to enable you to balance your interests, availability and talents to best help us advance liberty.  Please complete this short questionnaire to help us better understand how you wish to help.

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  • published Keep Ohio out of our Health Care Business in Blog 2017-04-24 11:10:56 -0400

    Keep Ohio out of our Health Care Business

    Ohio Senate Bill 91 has been introduced by Ohio Senators Michael Skindell and Charleta B. Tavares to “Provide universal health care coverage to Ohioans.” It would be disastrous for the State of Ohio and lead to more expensive and poorer quality health care.

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  • published Solving Ohio’s Opioid Crisis in Blog 2017-03-31 15:00:31 -0400

    Solving Ohio’s Opioid Crisis

    In an attempt to reduce the rapidly rising opioid overdose issue in the State, on Thursday March 30, 2017 Ohio Governor John Kasich announced new rules to restrict prescriptions of opioids for a duration of more than 7 days (5 for children and teens).  While well intended, this rule adds only bureaucracy and inconvenience for the vast majority of affected people.  Better solutions to the underlying crisis  are available.

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