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Force US Government to release estimate of NRO based identity theft incidents.

Corrupt contractor Tim Adcock allowed himself and his children to use stolen NRO hardware/software for the thrill of stolen password and personal information. How often has this happened since the SAR constellation was placed in orbit year 1996.

Discuss Tim Adcock's attempt to embezzle US Government with stolen NRO hardware/software

Corrupt contractor Tim Adcock has been revealed to be co-founder of cyber-terror cult thanks to his son Chris Adcock's loose lips. Tim Adcock and his family are attempting to extort citizens and embezzle US Government simultaneously using stolen NRO hardware/software. The Adcock supplied terror cult hopes to import Somali style extortion/piracy. The crime cult's activity involves abuse of NRO hypersound for extort payout demands. The cult figures they get double the chance at ransom from US Government for return of the stolen hardware/software.

CBD for anxiety provoked by criminals abusing NRO SAR/Hypersound

How about a charity that is blatantly overt with an objective of proving government is evil. CBD can be shipped in 50 states. Perhaps Libertarian party can provide through donors to individuals complaining that a corrupt government contractor is abusing them for extort or terror purposes with hacked NRO synthetic aperture radar and hypersound. A trained LPO signals technician who's maybe a volunteer at the local university can verify the incident. LPO can validate the claim and go public with the incident and nobody looks stupid.