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Libertarian Party of Ohio Mission Statement

Our mission is to defend the freedom and increase the liberty of all Ohioans. We will do this by recruiting Libertarian candidates for public office, educating the public about our principles, growing the membership, and winning elections.

Our division leaders focus on:

Ballot Access
Keeping pressure on all three branches of Ohio's government in order to ensure that Ohio voters continue to have the option to vote for liberty instead of the two 19th century bi-government parties that currently control our state.

Electing Libertarian Candidates
We are a political party whose most essential task is to get Libertarian candidates elected so they can protect our freedoms.

Encourage financial support from Ohioans who support our party and want to help us succeed.

Build the LPO Organization
Maintain and grow our party at the state, county, and local level in order to elect candidates, recruit volunteers, and be a watchdog for liberty throughout the state.

Communicate, Educate & Coordinate
Promote the ideas and principles of liberty in the media and network with other liberty-minded groups who are likely to support our mission and our candidates.


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