LPO Executive Committee

The LPO Executive Committee sets the course for the party, along with the appointed Division Directors who also handle the day to day operations. Together, they will also establish a budget for the party. The seven (7) members of the LPO Executive Committee are elected by the LPO Central Committee.

 Voting Members:

Scott PettigrewScott Pettigrew, Chair  (513) 252-2542  Chair@LPO.org


 Linda Comstock, Treasurer (740) 972-1031 Treasurer@LPO.org

Robert CooganRobert Coogan, Secretary (513) 746-9849 Secretary@LPO.org

annleechAnn Leech, At-Large (513) 248-9244 Ann.Leech@LPO.org

C GillChristopher Gill, At-Large (614) 452-0037 Chris.Gill@LPO.org

Tim Smyth, At-Large (330)-495-3878 Tim.Smyth@LPO.org


KevinKnedlerSOSKevin Knedler, Deputy Secretary kevin.knedler@LPO.org

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