Preserve the right to grow your own food!

frontyard_garden_250.jpgThe City of Columbiana, a small town of just over 6,000 in rural Ohio, has gained national attention for proposing a law to legalize gardens, but restrict them to backyards.  Even more surprising is the statement of Mayor Blakeman who said that “right now, if there is not something expressly in this code that says that you can have one, you technically can’t.”  Apparently, gardens are illegal now! In truth, at the heart of the issue is a local government in a small town that has increasingly restricted individual rights of their citizens to fulfill their vision of a community that is more reminiscent of a Homeowners Association than a just city council.

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2017 LPO Conference: I am that Libertarian!

captive-audience_250.jpgEvery odd numbered year, the Libertarian party of Ohio holds a leadership conference in lieu of a State Convention which must be held in even numbered years.  This year’s Conference was held in remembrance of Dr. Marc Allen Feldman, a fallen hero in the battle for liberty. The Conference was a stunning success and it motivated the entire crowd! It brought together some of the top Libertarian leaders not only from Ohio, but across the country, including the Chair of the National Libertarian Party.

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Sarwark on the Trump Tax Plan

Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, released the following statement today:

American taxpayers get to take home just 54 cents on every dollar they earn, while federal, state and local governments take the other 46 cents.

What a great deal for federal, state and local governments. Not so hot for taxpayers. Crushing, in fact.

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Let’s Get the LP back on the ballot!

We need your help so the Libertarian Party can regain ballot access in Ohio. This article helps explain what ballot access is, why it is important to us, and why the Libertarian Party of Ohio does not currently have it.

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Stop the Forced Lorain County Tax Increase!

Originally published in The Oberlin Review:

On Wednesday, April 5, myself and a group of fellow Lorain County residents laid out our objections and plan to halt the recently imposed sales tax increase. The lawsuit being brought by Gerald Phillips, to which I am a plaintiff, contends that not only did the commissioners violate procedural rule but also Ohio’s public meeting laws. The people emphatically denied the request for increased revenue at the ballot box in November by a 74–26 percent margin.

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Keep Ohio out of our Health Care Business

Ohio Senate Bill 91 has been introduced by Ohio Senators Michael Skindell and Charleta B. Tavares to “Provide universal health care coverage to Ohioans.” It would be disastrous for the State of Ohio and lead to more expensive and poorer quality health care.

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Solving Ohio’s Opioid Crisis

In an attempt to reduce the rapidly rising opioid overdose issue in the State, on Thursday March 30, 2017 Ohio Governor John Kasich announced new rules to restrict prescriptions of opioids for a duration of more than 7 days (5 for children and teens).  While well intended, this rule adds only bureaucracy and inconvenience for the vast majority of affected people.  Better solutions to the underlying crisis  are available.

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Not Libertarian Enough: Bridge The Gap & Get The Votes

According to a Pew Research Center study conducted in 2014, eleven percent of Americans self-identify as libertarians. The study defines libertarian as “someone whose political views emphasize individual freedom by limiting the role of government.” However, these libertarians do not hold consistent libertarian opinions on the role of government, foreign policy and social issues.[2] of the PRC fascinating, disturbing and challenging.

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Ohio Libertarians Hit the Ground Running for 2018

[Columbus, November 9]  Pleased with their candidate's 2016 showing, but unwilling to settle for a “no party” label for the future, Libertarian Party of Ohio activists are already hitting the streets to petition for the restoration of ballot access.  Denied a party line on the Ohio ballot by the combination of a draconian ballot access law and a corrupt conspiracy to remove the party's 2014 candidate for governor from the ballot, the LPO must submit petitions with more than 53,000 valid signatures no later than July 4, 2018.  But the party is setting itself some more challenging deadlines.

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Immigration: Should Living Somewhere Really Be So Complicated?

A hot button topic among the 2016 presidential candidates is one that has been the center of debate since the invention of borders: illegal immigration.

Most of the conversation is based on emotion and political rhetoric; but if you break down the facts, you’ll find some simple solutions to the crisis.

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