2017 LPO Election News


 While we wish we could report more victories, the 2017 elections had some bright spots for Ohio Libertarians.  More importantly, the results demonstrate a growing interest in the Party and bodes well for our ability to maintain our Party status once we complete our Ballot Access Petition drive. Assuming the courts enforce the law and allow us to remain a recognized party with more than 3% of the vote.

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LPO attends Students for Liberty Convention


On November 4th three members of the LPO were fortunate enough to attend the Student for Liberty Regional Conference hosted at The Ohio State University. We were very grateful for the invitation to represent the Libertarian Party of Ohio. Despite a modest attendance, the quality of the crowd was apparent and while walking the hall where various sponsors had set up my ears were pleased with the talk of the liberty-lovers of tomorrow. It was wonderful to hear the real promise in the rhetoric and debates among the next generation of advocates for freedom.

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I am Libertarian

Issue 1: Marsy's Law



After careful deliberation, the Libertarian Party of Ohio has taken a position in opposition to State Issue 1.

The LPO supports the rights of Ohioans, including crime victims, and believes the criminal justice system must remain fair and open, but does not believe that State Issue 1 is the way to achieve either goal.


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Quality over Quantity - Why Not Both




In this editorial, first published by Think Liberty, Ohio's very own Matthew McGowan refutes an editorial that "The Libertarian Party Should Run Fewer, Better Candidates And Put Quality Over Quantity." 



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ACA: A Bipartisan Betrayal of American Values


Henry David Thoreau once said: “If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life”; this succinctly and accurately sums up the entire debate of healthcare for the past several decades. We should take the good intentions of regulation out of healthcare, and leave people free to make their own decisions on how to conduct their lives.

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Here we grow again!


In the wake of the best ever Libertarian support in a presidential election, the Libertarian Party of Ohio is gaining new support and volunteers every day!  We are happy to announce several new posts, both those elected at the recent Central Committee meeting as well as several important new appointments made by the Executive Committee.

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Columbiana - one small step for mankind, one giant leap for man.

Neil_Armstrong.jpgOn June 13, the City Council of Columbiana, OH made a strong statement in favor of personal freedom. What started as a front-yard gardening ban turned into a challenge to expansive local governing.  Not only did the proposed ordinance submitted exclude any language preventing front yard gardens, but the Council threw out the entire motion and need for a gardening ordinance at all. Most importantly, the Council passed a motion to reconsider the section of the City Code that explicitly enumerates citizens’ rights! Of course, that means that technically, gardens are still illegal in Columbiana, but so are cats (because they aren’t mentioned in the code).

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Issue 2: Ohio Drug Price Standards Initiative


The Ohio Drug Price Standards Initiative is an issue that, on first pass, seems like a good idea. The government should be spending less, and should be statutorily required to spend as little as possible on all services. However, the presentation of this bill as a restraint on government is a façade hiding the real long game of demonizing and further regulating pharmaceutical companies. It is my opinion that the LPO should take a strong, principled, and clearly defined stand against this bill.
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2017 Volunteer Award Recipients



The Libertarian Party of Ohio has thousands of liberty volunteers.  We thank everyone for helping in any way they can but each year take the time to recognize a few of the many hardest working friends of the Party. 

This year the awards were announced at the 2017 LPO Conference. Please join us in thanking all the volunteers, but especially these folks.


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