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  • posted about Volunteer on Facebook 2017-05-02 09:18:58 -0400
    I signed up to volunteer for Libertarian Party of Ohio. Join me!

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    Thank you for your offer to volunteer with us! As a volunteer organization we appreciate how dear your time is and want to enable you to balance your interests, availability and talents to best help us advance liberty.  Please complete this short questionnaire to help us better understand how you wish to help.

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  • Ohio Libertarians Hit the Ground Running for 2018

    [Columbus, November 9]  Pleased with their candidate's 2016 showing, but unwilling to settle for a “no party” label for the future, Libertarian Party of Ohio activists are already hitting the streets to petition for the restoration of ballot access.  Denied a party line on the Ohio ballot by the combination of a draconian ballot access law and a corrupt conspiracy to remove the party's 2014 candidate for governor from the ballot, the LPO must submit petitions with more than 53,000 valid signatures no later than July 4, 2018.  But the party is setting itself some more challenging deadlines.

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    Join our sustaining members who donate on a monthly basis and help us fight for individual liberty year-round.